From the recording Holding Americana Vol. 1


Why is there war? ... Why is there suffering? ...
Eternal questions they seem,
dissected by the greatest of minds through the epochs.
And it came upon young Blue to ask as well.
A question, which will resonate through his upbringing on an oasis in South America,
and culminating in the war-ridden dunes of the Middle East.
And then, to his lifelong inquisition ... in the form of a song ... he gave a reply ...

Morning mist clouds the horizon
On an ordinary prairie day
Young wild horses
Run in doses
Through the land

Rolling hills shelter the bison
But then a view I could not understand
Small white crosses
Rows of losses
By man’s own hand

In a world so beautiful
In a world so beautiful
In a world so beautiful
Until the end ...

If you still believe in the Messiah
Searching for a place to pray
Then go down to Nasiriyah
His blood lies there ... His blood lies there!

In a world so beautiful
In a world here by charity
In a world so beautiful
Hard to believe … hard to believe!
In a world
In a world
In a world
Until the end ...